Most Popular Family Pet Dog Breed

by cindy on August 20, 2010

If you had to guess what the most popular family pet dog breed would be, what would you guess? A Poodle, a Cocker, a German Shepherd, a Beagle, nope, it’s a Labrador Retriever. What is it about Labs that have made them the most popular family dog for over 20 years.

Labradors weight in from 60-80lbs and live an average of 12-15 years, unlike most large dogs that do not have that long of a life expectancy. They are extremely energetic and puppy like way into their 4th or 5th year of life, and yet, they are so loveable, intelligent and eager to please. They have a very easy going nature and are very seldom ever aggressive.

Labradors hail from Newfoundland and were used to aid the fishermen in pulling in the nets and catch the escaping fish. After being cross bred with other retrievers, the breed reached its full potential on being a “retriever”.

Not only do they make great family pets, but Labradors are also often used as working service dogs.

Though there is a myth that they don’t shed, they certainly do. However, because they have short soft hair, it is often not seen in the house like dogs that have thick shedding undercoats or long hair.

Having been a former Lab owner, I can tell you that the temperament they have is wonderful however, be prepared to have a lot of excitement in your house for a long time if you have a Lab as your pet, they have way more energy then I could muster up to stay up with them.

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Bill Swartwout August 21, 2010 at 11:51 am

I knew that answer – from sales stats – believe it or not. Let me explain: we sell direct-to-consumer personal checks online and have 60+ different “dog” photo checks. The labs are, by far, the best sellers.

When we had a dog – we had a lab. Well, a mix, really – but predominantly lab. Our daughter’s family has an Akita AND a Lab.

Our next-best-sellers are Yorkies, but I don’t know if they really are the second most popular breed. Labs are way out in front, both in sales and in the “lovable” category.

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